After Eden

Once upon a time we lived in paradise.
We loved one another.
We cared for the earth and all life upon and within it.
We owned nothing yet experienced rich and fruitful lives.

My name is Adam ~ My name is Eve

As summer light you fill my world,
As bird on wing in endless flight,
As scent of gentle meadow breeze,
As moon in deep and dream of night,

You are my breath,
My heart refreshed,
My hope,
My warmth,
My happiness.

This place tells the story of our lives...

We stand, bare foot, hand in hand. We look towards the sky:


You are as fire,
As free as flame,
As distant star,
Shine full from far domain,
Rest long upon this earthly rock,
This crust of planetary dust,
Of blue-green sea,
Of mystery,
Of touch,
Of taste,
Of scent and sound unknown,
You warm this world,
Our heartbeat, strong,
You kiss this land, this body,
Hand and foot,
With heat and solitary song,
With open arms,
We gather here,
Together at this place we most belong.

• • •