Breathe Deep This Dawn

Breathe deep this dawn,
Before the break of day,
With quiet moonless thought,
With feathered warmth you wake,
Wash cool with air to cheek,
Your song sing sweet from tip of distant tree,
To neighbours near and known,
Towards far others loved,
Past unfamiliar street your tune-flow on,
Through torpid town and woodland stretch,
Few moments left as sky alight,
Your world of teeming voice recede,
From sound to strength your spirit-shift to quickened early sight.

• • •

- Footnote -


The sound of a blackbird's song in early morning.


Throughout The World Without Money you will find nature inextricably intertwined with expressions of love. The World Without Money invites the reader to think of those things of value that are untouched by its influence. The World Without Money is more than the inevitable outcome of humans building a future defined by peace and cooperation, it is also a world of today that countless people experience, in poverty and wealth.